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Life Lab Notes is curious about humans and life and how it all works, and sometimes doesn’t work. We feature the talents of brilliantly fun and inspiring writers and actors, exploring the heartwarming and heartbreaking, with sketch comedy, personal stories, and original music. Join us for a good look at ourselves!

Feb 28, 2017

Emanuel Collins has been whisked away from danger a couple of times in his life. This is the story of one of those times. Like all stories about humans, there are so many other humans involved - some in central roles, protecting, guiding; some on the periphery, making and enforcing laws that affect other humans.


Feb 1, 2017

First of a three-part series by Gale Brennan Jackson. It's sort of like "Take a Podcast Listener to Work Day," and she's starting us off with a summer job from the 90s. Enjoy!